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Create a Pet Gallery Wall in Your Home

Posted by Emerald Hound on
If you are anything like us, you love a good gallery wall! They are an amazing way to showcase your favorite art and pictures, add tons of intrigue to a space, and showcase your personality. So how about creating a pet-themed gallery wall? There are so many ways to create awesome gallery walls, including adding items in addition to pictures like postcards and other keepsakes. You can create a gallery wall based on a theme, like showcasing one of your favorite travel destinations. The options are limitless! pet themed gallery wall The one thing all gallery walls need is an element to tie everything together so that it looks like an artful collection, rather than a random jumble. Of course, when we thought of gallery walls one thing came to mind - our fur babies! Today we are going to walk you through tips to show off your pets in all of their glory on your new gallery wall.

Pick Your Favorite Photos of Your Pet

Find some of our favorite pics of your pet or pets to feature on your way. Since you will be framing multiple images, a nice touch is to have pictures throughout your pets life for a little walk down memory lane. You want to find a good diversity of photos to include such as candid shots, portraits, and of course some images of you with your pet. We love to incorporate a mix of color and black and white images to add another layer to the gallery wall.

Get an Illustration of Your Pet

Having an illustration made of your pet made will add such a fun and personal element to your gallery wall. Our foil-pressed pet portraits are the perfect addition to a gallery wall, and they can be made in rose gold, gold, or silver foil. Paw-some! foil print Other paintings or drawings of pets, including other types of animals, make for a great addition too. You can also get creative and make a print of your pet’s paws. So cute!

Add Unique Elements

To diversity your gallery wall, it’s a great idea to add items aside from images. Our free pet printable is a great addition to your gallery wall. Choose from 3 animal print options with our favorite "home is where the cat (or dog) is saying". A wood sign like this one from Etsy with your favorite pet pun or quote will look purr-fect on your gallery wall. You could also add your pets collar or tags, or any special items that remind you of your fur baby. Get creative! Are you excited to start making a pet-themed gallery wall? Leave us a comment below with any questions. We would love to see your creations - tag us on Instagram at @theemeraldhound.

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