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How to Plan a Pet-Friendly Wedding

Posted by Emerald Hound on
Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and momentous days of your life. For most, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to surround yourself with all of your most cherished loved ones, and that might include your pet! We always consider pets part of the family, and many couples are opting to have their pets present for their special day. If you want to plan a pet-friendly wedding, here are the things you need to consider. bride and groom kissing dog on wedding day

1. Talk to your venue

Not all venues will allow pets on-site, so if this is a must for you, make sure to include that in your search criteria for your wedding venue. Communicate with your chosen venue about how you plan on including your pet in your wedding day. Make sure you know if there are any off-limit areas for pets such as in changing rooms or dining areas.

2. Consider your pet’s demeanor

Is your pup outgoing and energetic? Does he or she love meeting new people? Or do they get overwhelmed and shy in high-energy situations? The biggest key to a successful pet-friendly wedding is creating the right environment for your pet to thrive in. This might mean they are present for only a small part of the ceremony, or are right there partying with you all day long.

3. Plan your pet’s role

Maybe you’ve always envisioned your dog acting as ringer bearer or flower dog - or you simply want a few sweet photos of you and your pet in your wedding gear. Based on your dog’s personality, pick the role that they will thrive the best in. If you plan to have your pet in wedding photos, make sure to communicate that with your photographer and make a plan for when and how these will take place. bride and groom with dog on wedding day Photo by Emily Nicole Photo bride in wedding gown with dog photo Photo by Erin Stubblefield

4. Have them dress the part

Pets dressed up in wedding gear? Yes, please! There are so many cute wedding apparel options for pets, just make sure that whatever you pick your dog will actually wear on the big day. Have them try it on several times to get used to wearing it. Our favorite pet wedding apparel is a simple and stylish dog bandana. Add your wedding date and customized saying like “Dog of Honor” or “ I do, too” for a personalized touch. dog of honor pet bandana Photo by Emily Nicole Photo

5. Hire a pet handler

This is a must in our book. No matter how laid back your pet is, you are going to need a dedicated person to take care of them throughout the day since you are going to be busy getting married! A pet sitter, or better yet, a wedding day pet professional, can take them on walks, make sure they get adequate rest, and give them plenty of treats and water to keep them happy. They can even bring your pet to and from the venue if you don’t plan on having your dog there for the full event. If you are in the St. Louis area, Nicole with WedPets is an amazing choice for wedding day pet handling services!

6. Alternate role options

If having your pet physically present at your wedding doesn’t make sense based on your venue or your pet’s personality, there are plenty of other creative ways to involve your pet in your special day! For one, you can consider having your fur-baby join you in your engagement photos (see our top tips here). You can also include in your dog or cat in your wedding decor to have them with you in spirit! coaster dog portrait hand illustrated on wedding cocktail napkin Photo by Emily Nicole Photo pet portrait drink stirrer We create hand-illustrated portraits of your pets and print them on adorable wedding decor such as cocktail napkins, coasters, wedding favor tags, drink stirrers, and more. Shop all of our custom wedding decor featuring your pet here!

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