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How to include your pet in your special announcement

Posted by Emerald Hound on
In a perfect world, every engaged couple would be able to have their pet in attendance to help with their special announcements. After all, they're family, right? Including pets at engagement sessions, weddings or other photo shoots poses several challenges and, for many, may not be possible at all. Here are a few fun ideas for including your pets in your wedding without having them physically present: Have your pet hand drawn and printed on reception decor! The Emerald Hound allows couples to incorporate their pets at special events through hand-drawn, custom portraits foil pressed on luxe paper goods and decor that leave a lasting impression on guests. Combine the cocktail napkins, drink stirrers and foil print cocktail sign for the perfect signature drink setup! Image credit: The Emerald Hound IG Handle: @theemeraldhound Website: Work with a custom stationery designer to paint or draw your pet and sneak them into your stationery! On Three Designs has found several ways to include pets into wedding stationery including custom postage stamps and custom monogram crests. Image credit: On Three Designs IG Handle: @onthreedesigns Website: Include your pets in your engagement photos! For a cute save the date idea, purchase a custom bandana with your wedding date on it. Or you can even use these for a special announcement like a pregnancy! Hire a pet handler to take care of your fur-babies on that special day! They will bring them to you to snap those perfect portraits and then take them back home where they’ll be cared for while you’re dancing the night away. We love WedPets here in St. Louis.

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