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Holiday Gift Tag Printable

Posted by Emerald Hound on
We love the holidays around here and we are so excited about all of the pet photos we are seeing come through for our Custom Pet Ornaments in the past few weeks! The holidays are coming up quick, and so is our deadline for holiday shipping! Our cutoff for holiday orders will be 12/4 this year. Just under a month away, this is the time to look at the custom illustration items you may want to have wrapped under the tree this year! If you missed our last post, we shared some of our favorite holiday custom presents for all of those special people in your life. Check that out here! We also launched an amazing gift wrap freebie a few weeks ago that is available for you to use on your pet presents this year (or for the pet lover in your family!). It's formatted to fit legal-sized paper (8.5x14"). You can get this in your mailbox by signing up here. But we didn't want to stop there! For all of our pet loving friends, here is a holiday gift tag printable that you can use for any of your family this year and in the years to come. Things you will need to make the gift tags for the holidays are paper, scissors, cute ribbon and your own sweet pups nearby to help wrap! We hope everyone has a good holiday season and we hope it is filled with love and joy with your furry friends! And we were super excited to be a part of this paw-fect pet roundup post with some pet loving friends! Check out each of their helpful tips below! Check out the Dog Parent Guide to Happy Holidays 2020 post and these amazing bloggers for tips on how to keep your pets happy this holiday season! Go Dog Nashville – Make a Reverse Advent Calendar for your dog. Canine Compilation Best Holiday gifts for dogs and dog moms. Wear Wag Repeat – How to make a DIY Holiday Snuffle Mat for dogs. The Pets Digest Top tips to keep your dog and cat safe during the Holidays. Spoiled Hounds – What to consider before getting a puppy for Christmas. Canine Compilation – Healthy Snowman Cake recipe for dogs. Vet After Hours– Tips to reduce your dog's stress.

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