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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Decor at Home

Posted by Emerald Hound on

So much time, thought, and money goes into planning for your wedding that it’s a shame to see all of that decor only get used for one night. But the good news is, there are a ton of decorations from your wedding that you can likely reuse to decorate your home. From creating keepsakes out of special items from your wedding to sprinkling decor elements throughout your home, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding decor for years to come!

7 ways to repurpose your wedding decor at home

Candles, vases, and jars can be kept and used throughout your home. While you may not be able to keep all of these items from your wedding, having a few on hand will remind you of your special day every time you use one! They also make excellent gifts that you could create and send to your bridal party after the event.

Keep your guest book on your coffee table - it’s a great memento and conversation starter to have on hand.

If you used our personalized pet portrait event decor items, we’re sure you will want to hang onto them for as long as you can! If you have extra paper cocktail napkins and reusable cups, save them to use at any of your upcoming gatherings.

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If you had a lounge area at your wedding, you can repurpose the pillows, blankets, and even furniture in your home. You can also hang on to twinkle lights for the holidays, or set them up in your backyard to enjoy all year long.

wedding lounge area into home decor backyard wedding string lights

Stock your bar cart at home with leftover coasters and drink stirrers from your wedding. Every time you make a drink, you’ll be reminded of your signature cocktail at your wedding.

coaster silhouttestirrers

You can also repurpose signs and pictures throughout your home as keepsakes. Hang a chalkboard from your wedding in your kitchen for weekly meal prep or frame custom signs to hang on your wall as cute art pieces!

frame event decor from your wedding signature drink sign

Have you repurposed any of your wedding decor for use in your home? Tell us in the comments below!

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